Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Design Blogger

I ended my day yesterday with my thoughts going in all directions and concluded that either I need more hours in a day or I have to work faster..............but I wouldn't have it any other way!

As I thought about my day, a poem began to brew in my mind.  I grabbed my pen and pad and began to jot.

Day after day,
I search and scheme
I scan and save
And plan my theme

Books and nooks
Beds and sheds
China, chairs
And every manner of pet lairs

The colors red,
Pink and green,
Yellow, blue
White and cream

Ginghams, toiles
Linen and lace
How much longer
Can I keep this pace?

Authors, artists
Designers and such
Sometimes it seems
It's much too much.

But then I rest,
I sew or read
I walk our dog
Or the garden weed

I bake a cake
I clean and scrub
Iron, mop and grocery shop
Till I near drop

And then to bed
I toss and turn
And all the while
Ideas churn

So in the morn
When all is clear and no more fog
I begin once more to sow a seed
For those who read
My designer's blog......

                - Kay Furlong


  1. That was a adorable poem!
    I recently happened upon your blog and I have been thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you for sharing your charm and absolutely wonderful taste!
    I am a overworked stay at home Mommy of two wee boys and I have taken much enjoyment from perusing your blog over the weekend.
    Best Wishes, Christina

  2. What a lovely note to find this morning....thank you for your kind comments and I hope you continue to enjoy, Christina!