Wednesday, July 13, 2011

English Cottage Style

Hi Everyone,

I found some more pictures of The Holiday cottage (one of my favorite movies) and a perfect example of English country cottage.  If you haven't seen this movie yet, it's a must to check out.

The original post was published last July, so I am re-publishing it today.


Cottage style is all about comfort, so that's a priority when planning your decor.  Comfortable sofas and chairs, lots of pillows, lots of color, floral fabrics mixed with ginghams and stripes, books, soft lighting, art, tables by each chair and sofa, ottomans, area rugs and anything else you love.  You are there to relax in your cozy environment.

Carefree is another word to remember when thinking cottage style.....often the furniture is slipcovered for easy care, antiques mixed with new, and sometimes, painted furniture is common and offers a low maintenance lifestyle.

If using floral chintz on your draperies, then ensure your large upholstered pieces are a solid color or a co-ordinating small print.

Wall colors are usually soft and in natural shades such a whites, creams, greens, yellows and pinks in the traditional English cottages, but deeper colors are seen more often in the contemporary English home. 

And the finishing touch is fresh plants and flowers.

Cottage foyer - love the old wooden door!
Wood floor, antique bamboo coatstand, 
stuccoed walls and timbered ceiling

Low, timbered ceilings and stone wall in the living room
Paned windows, chintz curtains, soft lighting, flowers, books
Comfortable mix and match furniture
Tables by each chair and sofa

Open shelving, fireplace, eat in kitchen table
Blue and white transferware and gingham plates
Small, warm and cosy

Same elements as above photos
Charming cottage bedroom!
Timbered ceiling, fireplace
Big comfy bed and lots of lamp light!

And lastly, the tiny bathroom with 
a painted floor, antique dresser and 
zinc tub!

Above images from the movie, The Holiday and 
Hooked on Houses


  1. great movie and i love looking at how relaxed the english make their homes. enjoy your blog Lyn

  2. I was broken hearted to learn the "Holiday" cottage was just a movie set, torn down a week later after the filming was over.