Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gorgeous Garret Getaways

I've had an affinity for attics since I was a little girl.......what other room in a house could be so out of the way, so invisible and yet, hold such treasures?  I spent many a day in the attics of a friend and cousins dressing up in their mother's old dresses and high heels and wrapping myself in an old mink stole with the head on one end and the tail tossed casually over my shoulder!  What a glamorous life I could lead in those attics!

Then, as a teenager, my parents bought a farmhouse and it, too, had an attic......and, once again, I was drawn to it as a complete and private getaway.  It was completely unfinished, mind you, with nothing more than a window, an old victrola and a brass bed with stairs leading down to the kitchen.  But, what a retreat to read a book in, or just to be alone and dream about it's possibilities. 

Yes, even then at 14, I was dreaming of interior decorating and even though I had completely redecorated my own bedroom in our new (old) house with blue and white striped wallpaper, floor length blue drapes that I had sewn myself, blue bedspread, painted wood floor and antique furniture with a white faux fur area rug on the floor with pictures symmetrically arranged on the walls and lamps in all the appropriate places.......I still escaped to the attic.  When I think back to that time, I had a Laura Ashley like bedroom, but it was only 1964 and I hadn't really heard about British interior designer Laura Ashley in small town Nova Scotia......we didn't really find out about her until the late 70s or early 80s.  (In fact, in 1964 Laura Ashley was still experimenting on her kitchen table with silkscreened dish towels!)  This was completely my idea of how I wanted my room to look......all that was missing was the chintz.....I hadn't discovered that yet!

So, when I came upon the rooms below, they brought back memories of good times, coziness, comfort and possibilities!  A place to dream.........!

Love the dog art theme going on in the last four rooms

All photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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  1. It can!! Now you know what the possibilities are.....start dreaming and make a plan! It's there for the asking!!