Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Loving the Collage Art of Charlotte Moss

Hi Everyone!

I haven't done any book or art posts for awhile so I thought I would share both with you today in the form of Charlotte Moss' book "A Visual Life" and share some of her collage art with you.

I have totally enjoyed this book and peruse it often when I want to relax and be inspired......what she has done with her old magazines is truly worth seeing......she does the most beautiful collages as mementos of trips she's taken or other memorable events, and sometimes they're done by color for rooms or homes she's designing or perhaps simply because she loves the color......beautiful and memorable gardens, architecture, design and decor!

If you're not already doing collage and need a hobby (or another hobby), these images may inspire you and her book most certainly will......she has a way with words and if you don't have a collection of ephemera to work with at home, you may want to look around at what you do have or start gathering now!


Charlotte's beautiful book.

Villa Feltrinelli

Green Leaf and Butter

Villa d'Este


Magenta, mauve, lavender, amethyst


Garden Collage

Magenta, rose, fuscia, pink 

Basalt, black, gray

Blue and white

Charlotte Moss

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